Employment-Based Immigration

One way that a person may reside and work in the United States is through an employment based visa. If someone has the required education and/or expertise, an employer within the United States may be able to hire this person and provide them with the opportunity of a lifetime! There are various avenues one can go through, based on the amount of education and/or experience and expertise one possesses. Here at MS Legal Firm we can help you explore these various paths and find one that is right for you. If you are an employer, we can help you bring the qualified, skilled employees that you desire to your workplace in order to make your business more prosperous. Do not hesitate to call and ask those important questions! You might be surprised to learn just what is available.

If this is something that interests you or someone you know, MS Legal Firm can help navigate this process and help to obtain this most sought-after Green Card by helping to file the proper forms and documents that can lead to the desired outcome of permanent residency within the United States. When you're ready, contact us to see how we can help you with your Investment-based Immigration.

Whatever your business needs, The MS Legal Firm offers the versatility, knowledge, and ingenuity to fight for you and your company's short-term and future success.